Mindfulness luncheon for Mental Health Awareness Month

Mindfulness training has been clinically proven to be a key factor in success, aiding with managing stress, remaining objective, and building trust with colleagues and stakeholders.

Mindfulness luncheon for Mental Health Awareness Month

There are sometimes things we just don’t want to talk about. But a wake-up call may occur when a crisis or tragedy occurs that suddenly reminds us of the need for conversations on sensitive topics, issues that affect our daily state of mind.

Growing up in the 60s and 70s there were certain social stigmas that thankfully no longer exist today. One of those stigmas has been at the forefront of many in our St. Tammany West community in light of the two recent suicides of Mandeville High School students. You were probably aware of the mental health crisis across the country and the rise in suicides. But until last week, it may not have affected your family or been in the forefront of local news, so you didn’t talk about it.

In the business world there are many proponents for lifelong education on subjects such as technology, marketing, cash flow, and strategic planning for success. There are popular and talked-about “wellness programs.” But what about mental health? Don’t both physical and mental health affect our personal performance as well as the performance of our employees? Our lives are busy and our to-do lists are never ending. Has multi-tasking caused rushing through your day in a fog without connecting to anything? Due to the increasing pace of modern life, professionals experience increased stress, high levels of burnout and the loss of connection with themselves and others. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, depression will be the leading cause of disease globally.

Yes, you read that right.

herbcarver-1We believe it is timely to present what some may find an unusual topic at our May luncheon. Join us as we hear from Herb Carver, President of Point Above Consulting, a Louisiana-based company that aims to help businesses and individuals overcome obstacles at work and transform their lives positively through mindful performance.

Mindfulness enables us to be attentive and conscious about what’s happening in any given moment without distractions. Mindfulness training has been clinically proven to help people build personal resources that are key to success and fulfillment such as managing their stress, remaining objective, and building trust with colleagues and other stakeholders.

It’s important that as a society, we learn to maintain physical and mental well being to maximize work performance and overall happiness. Mindfulness meditation has emerged in recent years as a practice that can greatly ease the anxiety of overworked professionals. Companies like Google, Apple, General Mills and more have implemented mindfulness programs for their employees. Organizations around the world are coming around to the idea and putting mindfulness at the top of the priority list for employee health. Harvard Business Review reports, “Truly forward-thinking leaders recognize that one of the best business strategies is developing the mindfulness of their workforce.”

Our Mindfulness in the Workplace luncheon, sponsored by Trinity Medical Services and Greenbrier Behavioral Health Hospital will be Wednesday May 25 at The Dakota. Tickets are $35 per person for Chamber members and $45 for non-members, and can be purchased online by calling 985-892-3216. You can also learn about mental illness and the services offered by NAMI St. Tammany or you can get a better understanding about suicide prevention by visiting St. Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide (S.T.O.P.S.).

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