East meets West

Northshore Community Foundation kicks off Phase 2 of a regional visioning process

East meets West

In January 2016 our Northshore Community Foundation kicked off Phase 2 of a regional visioning process with the goal to create a strategic plan. Garnering input through many interviews with organizations focused on economic development and quality of life, the plan would assist the region in achieving a well thought out, inclusive regional vision.

It resulted in the creation of this vision statement:

“The Northshore: North of your Expectations

The Northshore isn’t just another Louisiana neighborhood. It’s one of those real places that combines quality-of-life with accessibility, a progressive business climate with natural beauty, and vibrant culture with community. For those who love Louisiana’s way of life, there’s no place better. Come exceed your expectations on the Northshore.”

Participants are pleased and proud of the vision.

The Phase 2 final document was delivered to all participants on September 28. It includes an organizational infrastructure framework, resource redeployment opportunities, and a leadership model to leverage existing resources inclusive of time, talent and money.

The East and West St. Tammany Chambers are but two of seven economic and community development organizations in our Parish that focus on quality of life and economic development. Our Chambers focus on also providing business advocacy and networking opportunities. The findings in Phase 2 created a catalyst for the re-examination of all seven organizations’ current structures and operations as told to the vision consultants by Northshore business leaders. Some interviewees expressed frustration with the number of entities who share the same or similar missions and expect larger businesses to step up with both financial and volunteer support. Ongoing concerns that their corporate dollars and time are spread too thin, they are more concerned that the Northshore is missing opportunities. Phase 3 will focus on creating a hybrid model based on the same or duplicative elements of our missions.

You expect chambers of commerce leaders to boast that their community offers the best quality of life. What comprises quality of life? Natural beauty, transportation, low crime, a superb school system, and first class medical facilities are all part of that. Fortunately for both the East and West Chambers, all of this is true!

On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, we look forward to harnessing energy and leveraging time, talent and financial resources available to partner with our East St. Tammany Chamber friends for the benefit of our collective memberships.

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