6 reasons why you should be using email marketing

As a small business owner, email marketing is 100% essential.

6 reasons why you should be using email marketing

As a small business owner, email marketing is 100% essential. Often times you’ll get sucked into purchasing a program that leaves you wondering how to write HTML code. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an EASY and FREE email marketing platform? Well, thankfully, there is! Save Local Now, as a value added member benefit, includes email marketing in their digital platform! If you haven’t yet uploaded your email marketing list, rest assured that it is 100% private and only accessible by you and other members of your staff.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is Affordable

With Save Local Now, it’s actually free (and automatically mobile friendly). We understand small business and we know that things are tight. One thing small businesses often cut is their marketing budget; now, you won’t need to.

Email Marketing is Easy

You could get all fancy with email and make it into something complicated. With SLN,you don’t have to. Create a business promotion onyour SLN platformand publish it. From there, it’s as simple as clicking on that little email icon and pushing it out to your personal distribution lists. Get creative and separate your lists; your messaging for new customers and repeat customers should be engaging and – most importantly – different.

Email Marketing is Quick

With SLN, you can share a published post to your email list in a matter of minutes. Their email platform does the work for you, bringing in your image and copy so you don’t have to. SLN has also integrated Google Maps into their responsive template (just to make it THAT much easier for consumers to find you).

Email Marketing Delivers Retention

You’re focused on improving customer experienceand retention. Stats prove that email marketing is still the #1 way to do this. Make sure that when you’re sending out an email, you have something purposeful to say. Educate and reward the customers who open your emails every week.

Customers Want Email Marketing

Even in today’s fast paced world, email is still the preferred communication channel for consumers. With the hundreds of thousands of emails sent out every day, what will make yours different? Be creative, engaging, and honest.If they care about your brand (your product, your service, your staff) then they will open your email. Make sure they continue to.

Email Marketing and ROI

Email marketing delivers revenue. This revenue stems from sharing a message with your following and encouraging them to take action. Blindly sending emails to your distribution list won’t get you anywhere. Know your customers, watch their patterns, educate and reward them. Remember: you are a customer, as well. What email marketing messages stand out to you? Don’t be afraid to integrate what’s working for others into your marketing agenda.

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