Strengthening the business climate and economic vitality of St. Tammany
    International Travel Session: Spain - April 15
    Review itinerary with the travel expert from Central Holidays.
    Northshore Rising Professionals - April 16
    Monthly lunch meeting sponsored by Charter Business.

    State of Parish Breakfast featuring President Pat Brister - April 17
    President Brister will present current topics and projects in St. Tammany.

    Volunteers, staff are at work inside, outside
    Giving recognition to volunteers and staff who work diligently on behalf of our 1,000 investors that keep us relevant and strong

    West Chamber stands up, and speaks up for business interests
    Board votes to support tort reform, rec district millages and encourages everyone to vote!

    Make sure your voice is heard!
    We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions in the voterís booth.


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